Suite of Consultant bio’s

One Consulting are a dynamic consultancy business with a difference. Their work enables and empowers clients to truly transform through the use of modern working practices, where people, processes and technologies are aligned in complete harmony.

Brief – to create a suite of seven Consultant Bio’s


Bio 1

X is a Senior Consultant with a wealth of proven experience in delivering multiple high profile strategic and operational projects, and business critical transformation programmes. He has extensive experience working with local authorities, social housing associations, charities and NHS trusts including (but not limited to) West Lindsey District Council, Worcester City Council, Teignbridge District Council, North Herts District Council, Three Rivers District Council, Gloucester City Homes, Brighton and Sussex University NHS Trust, Barnet Homes, Wakefield District Housing, and more. 

Since making the move into management consultancy, X continues to help multiple clients develop their strategic vision and implement strategies to align it with the ever changing customer demand for digital services. 

Key areas of expertise include: strategic planning; IT and digital transformation strategies; developing digital transformation roadmaps; reviewing business requirements and developing IT strategies that align with them; service transformation and creating roadmaps for service improvements; leadership of IT, Customer Services and Business Process Improvement functions; creating and managing internal IT teams; managing procurement of IT services including telephony, IT support and maintenance contracts; project and programme management; stakeholder engagement.

X prides himself on his notably high standards and unwavering client focus, and he is well known amongst his colleagues and clients for his exceptional interpersonal skills.

X holds a BA (HONS) degree in Business Studies and a Certificate in Project Management from the Open University. In addition to this he is ITIL qualified and is a certified Prince 2 Practitioner.


Bio 2

X is a seasoned Business Transformation professional with a proven track record in planning, shaping and driving the delivery of digital programmes, identifying potential improvements, eliminating inefficiencies and encouraging more agile, collaborative and secure ways of working.

X has a wealth of experience working within social housing, local government, and charitable organisations, where he has identified opportunities for digital change that have enabled the achievement of business objectives, and improved multi-channel digital services for customers. With his innovative thinking, X is able to analyse the client’s strategic objectives; identify what is needed to drive change and transformation; promote new and different ways of thinking and working, and ultimately empower organisations to truly transform through the use of modern working practices where people, processes and technology are aligned and working seamlessly. 

X is passionate about delivering an outstanding service, through bringing new ideas and expertise to clients, helping them to leverage new and existing technologies, increase efficiency and productivity, improve quality, reduce risk, extract the most from their budget, and enable improved services for customers.

Keys areas of expertise include: digital engagement; business analysis; information systems reviews; options appraisals; requirements specification; service reviews; SLA development; business case development; strategy formulation and implementation; complex ICT procurement; IT auditing; project and programme management.

X is Prince 2, MSP and CISMP certified. 


Bio 3

X is a seasoned Business Development Director who has gained over 25 years experience in ICT, working in various sectors including housing, local government, care and support, and blue light services (fire and police). For the last 16 years X has provided business transformation and ICT consultancy to organisations in the social housing sector, helping clients modernise their ways of working in order to deliver improved services to their workforce and their customers. X is passionate about utilising technology and digital services to improve ways in which people and communities are connected.

X main role is to maintain and develop new and established client relationships. He understands the importance of getting to know an organisation thoroughly, in order to deliver a unique set of products and services that will help them achieve their strategic goals and truly transform their business. 

With an in-depth understanding of the supplier community and the various and ever changing solutions that are available, X effectively reviews existing technology and business processes, and recommends retention, development or replacement options. He identifies opportunities that will improve services, eliminate waste and inefficiencies, and enable clients to extract the best value from their budget and get the best return on their IT investments. X uses a blend of custom approaches to provide tailored services to individual clients, knowing that a one size fits all approach is not sufficient. This unique service empowers clients to leverage existing technology to its full potential or adopt new systems, to ensure outcomes achieved accurately reflect initial strategic requirements.

Key areas of expertise include: business reviews; technology reviews; digital strategy; service delivery; client engagement; client relationships; business development; public sector procurement. 

X is an advocate of best practice methodologies including Agile, Lean, Prince2, MSP, ITIL.


Bio 4

X is a highly practiced Transformation Consultant who boasts considerable experience with the specification, process reengineering and implementation of business systems, in order to support business growth and aid transformation. 

With a background in Finance, X has extensive experience working with major businesses, helping them to improve the way they operate by leveraging the use of information technology, and helping them to get the best return on their investment in such technology. X believes IT should be recognised as a worthy investment, not just a necessary cost or overhead, as it can yield incredible results.

As businesses have to adapt to survive in the new world, and with technology ceaselessly changing, X is a valuable asset in helping organisations understand what new technologies are available to them, or how they can proficiently utilise their existing technologies to achieve their full potential. X is passionate about helping organisations to make fundamental changes that will help them improve their ways of working, save considerable amounts of money, and achieve their overall business objectives.

Key areas of expertise include: specification, review and selection of business systems (eg. MS  Dynamics, Epicore, SAP); implementation of ERP and CRM systems; business analysis; review and redesign of processes; operational reviews; business cases; development of business IT strategies; developing training material; SQL, Excel, Crystal Reports; advanced financial reporting; client delivery; project management; strategy development; client delivery. 


Bio 5

X is a highly skilled Principal Consultant with over 30 years experience in the public services sector. As a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing, X is passionate about the need to address the social housing crisis, through growth and long-term sustainability of good quality, affordable housing for future generations.

X provides strategic advice and guidance to a range of public service organisations, to support and drive transformation through digitalisation of processes, services, and customer experience strategies. Her exceptional customer focus, communication and problem solving skills, coupled with innovative thinking, ensures she delivers consistent and efficient customer experiences, giving her a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes, time after time. 

X believes in the importance of technology in achieving long term strategic objectives. 

She ensures an organisation’s investment in IT (or further utilisation of existing technologies) is accurately aligned with the operational business and its overall goals, ensuring clients receive maximum benefit from their IT investment, and customers receive the best experience. 

Key areas of expertise include: governance alignment; strategic direction and leadership; business planning; business process reviews; performance monitoring; managing budgets, accounts and strategic policies; options appraisals; operational and strategic reviews; procurement of business applications (CRM, EDRMS, HMS) and ERP solutions (MS Dynamics); thought leadership; public speaking. 

X holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Housing Studies and is a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.


Bio 6

X is a Digital Transformation and Redesign Specialist who works with public service organisations to effectively deliver integrated digital services, in order to optimise user experience as well as business outcomes. She has extensive experience in the public service sector, and has supported multiple clients through implementing solutions and encouraging alternative ways of working, and using business processes, systems and data to modernise services and make them more accessible for people in the community

X has demonstrable experience of designing and delivering digital public service transformation programmes; building and leading multidisciplinary digital teams using UX facilitated processes and data led approaches; driving internal change and effectively redesigning and delivering end-to-end business processes. 

Key areas of expertise include: establishing programme delivery frameworks; mobilising internal delivery teams; facilitating customer journey mapping and collaborating and advising on technology roadmaps; project management; programme management, programme design and delivery; managing budgets, resource plans, and supplier relations; using UX and data to conceptualise new and more efficient ways of working. 

X is currently undertaking a funded Masters by Research Degree through Bangor University, which is enabling her to fundamentally study the design of public services, methodically examine the ways in which systems, processes and technologies are currently utilised across this sector, and conceptualise how these could be improved in the future. X is passionate about the way public services (GP’s, mental health professionals, housing, education, social services) join up, and she believes that smarter ways of connecting these services will make it easier for vulnerable people to access the professional services they need in a timely and integrated manner.

X also holds a Master’s degree from the University of St. Andrews in Arabic and International Relations, and is a Certified Prince 2 Practitioner. 


Bio 7

X is an ambitious, results driven Business Growth and Portfolio Director with proven experience in creating and driving new business initiatives, helping clients to deliver transformative business change. 

With an extensive background in sales and business development, X successfully helps clients to achieve their business goals by encouraging new ways of working; improving efficiency, productivity and quality; increasing innovation, and reducing risk. His demonstrable knowledge and experience enables him to effectively support organisations, empowering them to modernise their working practices to ensure their people, processes and technologies are aligned and working together harmoniously.

When working with organisations, X’s main aim for them is quite simply, business growth. It starts with gaining a deeper understanding of the organisation as a whole, in order for him to help them to develop strategic account plans that will ensure they effectively deliver their objectives. X aims to inspire clients with new and innovative ideas early on in the transformation process, that will help drive greater, faster results. X has an intrinsic understanding of how businesses can best integrate digital technology in order to fundamentally change how they operate, which will in turn provide a greater experience for the workforce as well as end customers. 

X knows it’s not enough for an organisation to simply invest in new technology and onboard a team of consultants who use a one size fits all approach – he believes digital transformation should be guided by an organisation’s individual business strategy, letting the strategic vision drive the technology adopted, not the other way around. 

Key areas of expertise include: client profiling; opportunity assessment; process improvement; roadmap development; competitor analysis; new business sales; business development; account management; portfolio management; client relationships; leadership; people management; risk management.

X is renowned for his exemplary communication, presentation, and people skills, and honesty, integrity and authenticity are the core values that underpin his working practices. 

X successfully completed a Leadership Development Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School.




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February 9, 2021