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To Grantworks, approachability, transparency and simplicity are not buzzwords or today’s latest trend. These are principles that form the core of our business practices. 

An intrinsic understanding of what people really want from an IT recruitment agency has allowed us to create a set of best practices using a custom blend of approaches. Because we practice what we preach, our message and values are consistent from candidate to candidate, client to client.

At Grantworks we’re real people offering real solutions


With over 30 years’ successful experience in IT and IT Recruitment, we cover both the contract and permanent market from Lands End to John O’Groats. So whether you’re a corporate client looking for hot new talent or a candidate looking for your next exciting opportunity, you can rely on our expertise to ensure your needs are not only met, but that you actually enjoy the experience. 


Expert-to-expert IT recruitment


At Grantworks we know how frustrating it is when clients are presented with unsuitable candidates – yet in a specialist market it can be difficult for some recruiters to interpret requirements correctly and match them to the appropriate skills. Coming from an IT background, we have the necessary experience to understand the technicalities and requirements of even the most specialist roles. We believe this is real value-adding recruitment – it leads directly to providing the most suitable candidate for the job with less waste.

Sourcing the best candidates is more than having the know-how to match skills and experience to requirements though – it’s about having access to a network of high-calibre IT professionals. We believe this can be done more effectively by being part of that network. Grantworks has access to a wider network of experts by being part of the community. This enables us to source candidates that may not be available through conventional channels – this is our competitive advantage.

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Our Directors

xxx – Managing Director

xxx has been in the IT recruitment industry for over 15 years, with experience in a large corporate environment as well as a small boutique environment. She has a wealth of experience in recruiting contract and permanent staff, and she knows what really works for candidates and clients – and what doesn’t. In a market that is heavily saturated with less experienced and less conscientious recruiters, xxx established Grantworks in order to offer an unrivalled recruitment service which gives clients and candidates the experience they deserve. xxx believes that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

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xxx – Professional Services Director

xxx has over 25 years experience of helping organisations transform themselves through technology delivery and improved ways of working. With a background in Agile/Lean delivery and organisational change, xxx provides an insight into the professional needs of our clients that is gained from years of direct experience. The insider knowledge and expertise xxx brings is critical to Grantworks meeting the needs of an ever-changing market.

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Grantworks is committed to a core set of values that begin within our own organisation and extend to the relationships with our clients and candidates.

Approachability: We take the time and make the effort to understand and meet your employment needs – that means we’re good at listening so we can give you the right advice and deliver what you want. Also, we’re normal folk, and we love working with likeminded people. Simple.

Simplicity: If we say we’ll call you back, we’ll call you back. When we agree to deadlines, we’ll keep to them. No to-ing and fro-ing, no false promises and no complicated processes.

Transparency: We don’t believe in trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes and we certainly don’t try to blind or distract people with sales spiel. To us, transparency means sharing information as much as possible to help create more options for all parties involved. We also believe in transparency relating to fees and terms and conditions.

Communication: This two-way interaction involving talking and listening is what we’re good at. We take as much time as is necessary to fully understand the wants and needs of our candidates and clients, and we build upon open and honest relationships where trust is central. 

Feedback: We believe in the value of giving feedback, receiving feedback and taking action as a result of that feedback.

Respect: We have an appreciation for the fact that everyone can add value, and we also value diversity. We have a great respect for our candidates and clients, their requirements, their personal data and their confidentiality.

Trust: Our relationships with our candidates and clients are built on open and honest communication and ultimately trust. We also believe that trust involves giving people a chance to do the right thing and to do things right.

Consultation: It’s important that we take the time to fully understand the wants and needs of our candidates and clients, so we can provide the right advice and deliver accordingly. 

Knowledge: We’re committed to keeping our knowledge of the market up to the minute and precise so we can be sure we’re passing on the right information. From the latest technologies and market rates, to IR35, Agency Workers Regulations and GDPR, we’ve got it covered.

Quality: We believe that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Integrity: We’re committed at all times to the honesty, accuracy and consistency of our values, methods, expectations, actions and outcomes. In other words, we practice what we preach.




We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love people! Our candidates are at the heart of our business. Without you, where would we be? 

We know that it’s not just about whether you are right for an organisation, but is the organisation right for you? For this reason, we don’t just match a CV to a job description, we endeavour to understand your personal needs and career aspirations to ensure they are in line with the culture and offerings of the organisation. 

You will benefit from having an agent who will:

  • Guide you through your job search or career change with honest and knowledgeable advice, from helping you to write your CV and prepare for interviews and technical tests, to guidance on how to set up and operate as a contractor. 
  • Endeavour to find you the right company, role, culture fit, package – one you will be happy with for the long term.
  • Keep you informed at every stage of the recruitment process and give honest feedback, even if your CV submission or interview has not been successful.
  • Not waste your time. We won’t bombard you with pointless calls if we know you’re not currently in the market, and we’ll always agree a convenient time to speak. 


In addition, if you’re a contractor, we will:

  •  Have agreed fees and payment terms in place with clients. 
  • Guarantee prompt and reliable processing of timesheets and payments. 


We cover all contract and permanent roles from IT Support, Web Designers, Developers, Architects, Coaches, Consultants, Business Analysts, Project Managers, up to IT Director level. 

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The current economic climate has forced organisations to radically rethink the way they recruit and select full time or project resource, and a greater emphasis is now placed on establishing proper measurements for activity and results. Grantworks service offerings enable our clients to extract the highest value from their recruitment initiatives, with maximum flexibility and unrivalled results.

Are you still looking for painless, hassle free recruitment, with speed of delivery and accuracy, and with measurable results? Then let us simplify the process for you.

We have over 30 years’ experience in IT and IT recruitment, from large corporates to small outfits, and we think this is enough experience to say we know what works and what doesn’t. We have up to date market knowledge, we know what candidates look for, and we know what we’re looking for when it comes to technical ability and culture fit.

We love building relationships with our clients. We get to know your needs, we get to know you, and ultimately develop a clear understanding of where you’re going.

We know the best ways to source talent, from our own streamlined database, online job boards, and current and emerging networking sites. It goes without saying that all our candidates are interviewed to the highest standards, and references are always checked.


Working with Grantworks you will benefit from having an agent who will:

  • Not bombard you with sales calls, unsolicited CV’s and spam emails.
  • Demonstrate considerable market knowledge relating to current technologies, and the availability of candidates with such technical skills/experience.
  • Get to know your business, culture and overall needs, ensuring a better fit when placing candidates. We will act as an extension to your business – an agent that genuinely cares about your organisation.
  • Demonstrate transparency relating to fees, payment terms and deadlines.
  • Will not over promise and under deliver.
  • Demonstrate compliance to industry standards and regulations.
  • Be around for the long term, compared to many agencies who have a high turnover of staff resulting in a constant change of account managers.


When you engage with Grantworks, it goes without saying you will be working with experts in the industry who are compliant with all recruitment and employment legislation. However, we won’t wrap ourselves up in fancy packaging and bombard you with hollow sales pitches and blurb, we’re real people, and that’s how we like to be, in and out of work. We won’t waste your time telling you how different we are from other agencies – you’ve heard it all a thousand times before. We know actions are more important than words, and if you engage with Grantworks we’re happy in the knowledge that you will measure the outcome for yourselves. 


Feel free to call us for a chat, drop us a line or connect with us on LinkedIn.



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February 9, 2021