Article – Why hiring graduates is a shrewd move for your business

Why hiring graduates is a shrewd move for your business


It’s becoming increasingly apparent in today’s highly competitive market that good quality IT candidates are hard to come by, and many companies are experiencing major difficulties in attracting and retaining high quality candidates. Graduates are therefore becoming highly sought after, as they possess many valuable qualities. So whether you’re a small startup or a tech giant, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring graduates for your business.


Lower Cost

Although today’s graduates do rank ‘salary’ as one of the key factors when considering a potential employer, they are undoubtedly more affordable than their experienced coworkers, and can present a healthy return on investment. It’s worth bearing in mind however that although they are more affordable in the short term, in order to retain them, the salary must remain competitive.



Graduates tend to be extremely adaptable and can adjust quickly and easily to a new environment and new ways of working, compared to seasoned candidates who may find adjusting to the aforementioned more difficult. Graduates tend to be flexible, and easier to manage. They’re essentially a blank canvass – fresh, new and ready to mould to your culture and ways of working.


Hard working

Graduates are eager and ready to work hard. They’re ambitious, hungry, and ready to prove themselves, and you’re likely to see an increase in work productivity (it may also shake up any complacent workers and instil a bit of healthy competition). Results may not be immediate, but their effort will pay off and yield incredible results. Graduates are also accustomed to working under pressure, and most will have worked some pretty long hours in order to complete projects and meet deadlines. 


Fast learners

Graduates are accustomed to learning, often many things at one time, and quickly. They have developed a habit for learning and they also have the capacity and enthusiasm to soak it all up. They relish a challenge, and continual learning is often high on their agenda.


New ideas and fresh perspectives 

Graduates can bring an abundance of new ideas and creative solutions to the table. They’re used to problem solving and thinking outside of the box, and they can often provide more current and up to date ways of thinking, gained from academia or university internships. 


Existing skills

Whilst they may not have the skills and experience needed to hit the ground running in the role you are recruiting for, graduates already boast a wealth of skills that you can capitalise on – problem solving, group work, the ability to learn copious amounts of information (and fast), business skills, report writing skills, communication skills, adhering to deadlines, working under pressure, presentation skills… the list goes on. Not to mention their natural aptitude for new and emerging technologies. It’s worth remembering that whilst studying Computer Science or other IT related degrees, these candidates are extremely ‘hands on’ in their studies and often leave Uni with real experience of using a plethora of technologies. This is even truer for graduates who have had a year in industry. 


With this is mind, why wouldn’t you want a fresh, ambitious, graduate working for your business?


At Corben Consulting we recruit IT Graduates who have Computer Science, Software Engineering or related IT degrees. If you want to talk about recruiting IT graduates for your business – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!



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February 9, 2021