Case study – overhaul of end client’s IT infrastructure

X is a charitable organisation that provides family-led care and hospice facilities for children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses.

One Consulting was appointed to analyse the organisation’s IT service operations in its entirety; establish an effective IT team structure; assist with the recruitment of interim and permanent IT staff, and develop a 4 year IT and Digital strategy that will enable them to achieve their Business, IT and Digital objectives. This has been a significant transformation that has resulted in a more modern IT structure that fully supports and enables the organisation’s strategic business outcomes, promotes efficiency as people, processes and technology align and work together seamlessly, and offers a good return on technology investment.

We adopted a unique blend of approaches that comprised the following:


Identifying Business Need

We examined the organisation’s current IT infrastructure and availability of IT resources and identified that current technologies were not able to fully support future Business, IT and Digital goals. We helped to develop an IT and Digital roadmap that fully aligned with business needs.

Appraisal & Review

We undertook a thorough “As Is” analysis of the entire IT service operations in order to gain a holistic view of the current landscape. Our consultants were then able to develop a Service Improvement Plan detailing the necessary steps needed to ensure the delivery of improved IT services, key service measures, and robust operational governance and controls. 

Developing Strategies & Roadmaps

Working closely with the Executive and Senior Management team at X, we developed a 4 year IT and Digital Services strategy and roadmap that clearly presents their short, medium and long term objectives, and what steps need to be taken to meet these.  



Structural Redesign and Recruitment

During this time of significant change, we helped X to not only design an effective IT team structure, but to recruit and onboard an interim Head of IT who would faithfully follow the roadmap. We helped further, with the recruitment of a permanent Head of IT who would ultimately take responsibility for the overall implementation of the IT & Digital strategy.


Business Alignment

It was critical to ensure that any investment in people and technology represented good value for money and a healthy return. In order to satisfy these requirements, we thoroughly analysed the current IT landscape, the business and IT objectives, and the vision and values of the organisation as a whole. This ensured the infrastructure technology, systems and data architecture and IT service provision was effectively aligned to the delivery of the organisation’s core objectives and strategic business initiatives. 

Supplier & Contract Alignment

With our in-depth knowledge of and experience with the IT supplier market, we provided expert advice to X that has equipped them with the ability to understand and successfully manage their IT supply chain, supplier relationships and contractual obligations. 

Service Improvement

Our in-depth appraisal & review provided X Executives and their Board of Trustees with the assurance that our detailed delivery plan would clearly outline short, medium and long term objectives, include priority ratings, categorise key themes and actions, include recommendations based on severity ratings, and mitigate overall risk to the business. 

One Consulting are a dynamic consultancy business with a difference. Their work enables and empowers clients to truly transform through the use of modern working practices, where people, processes and technologies are aligned in complete harmony.



Posted on

February 10, 2021