Case study – digital transformation for end client

Client xxx

xxx appointed Alysium Consulting (now One Consulting) to design a blueprint and assist with the procurement of the technology required to implement and achieve their digital objectives.

With our support and expertise,  xxx was able to define a strategic roadmap, implement more effective technologies, modernise their ways of working, and ultimately meet their digital and complex business objectives. This has enabled them to empower their workforce with location flexibility, deliver services more efficiently and cost effectively, and provide better solutions for customers who need to access their services.

We delivered a unique blend of services:

Identifying Business Need

The first priority was to design a modern, flexible infrastructure to meet the organisation’s IT and Telecommunications requirements in addition to their challenging business objectives, that would represent value for money and provide a good return on investment. An omnichannel contact centre has been created that boasts the latest hardware, network services and applications, and utilises cloud services where possible. The solution is device-agnostic enabling end-users to access services from a range of devices, and allows for deployment of further devices and new technologies. As a result, there is now greater location flexibility for the workforce, and customers are empowered to engage with xxx digitally and efficiently.


Once the technology stack that would enable the organisation to achieve their complex business requirements was defined, one of our experienced consultants assisted xxx with supplier engagement,  in order to analyse the most viable procurement options. xxx personnel were further supported with the development of a detailed technical statement of requirements and other documentation required to support the tender process. In addition, our highly knowledgeable Technical Consultant provided invaluable technical support throughout this process, to enable xxx to thoroughly and accurately evaluate their options and make the awards. 

Technology Use and User Adoption

With our support, xxx Homes have joined forces with leading cloud service providers to further enhance their digital services, making them the first housing association in the country to fully embrace a range of public cloud technologies. The organisation’s everyday operations have been fully migrated onto Microsoft Azure, their on-premise CRM system has been replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365, and all employees now utilise MS Office 365. For telephony and contact centre, xxx has moved onto cloud services providing leading edge Unified Communications and Omnichannel Contact Centre services. This transformation will enable xxx to deliver on its commitment to ‘Rethink Housing’ as they are now equipped to cope with the demands of a modern, digital world, benefiting from improved ways of working, and ensuring end customers benefit from fully digitalised services.

Business Alignment 

It was crucial to ensure that any investment in technology enabled xxx to meet not only their digital needs but their business and agility demands too. We thoroughly analysed their business and IT requirements and created a unique solution that would ensure their people, processes and technology were aligned and working seamlessly, as well as representing good value for money. 


xxx, ICT manager at xxx:

“Alysium provided invaluable support from the early stages of the project when we were considering the different technology and service delivery options, through to turning it into reality. This exciting development marks the next stage in our journey to become a forward-thinking housing association of the future – enabling us to implement our digital ambitions and improve our services. With the new service provision, we will have the flexibility needed to develop and innovate our services, giving us the agility we need to meet the challenges facing the social housing sector both now and in the future”.

xxx is already leading the way for digital innovation in the housing sector, after recently unveiling its MiHome research project, which has seen smart-home sensors installed in the homes of some of its elderly residents to monitor their welfare. It’s hoped the new service provision will enable them to further develop its smart home technology, which could include the introduction of intelligent household appliances, such as self-reporting boilers.  


One Consulting are a dynamic consultancy business with a difference. Their work enables and empowers their clients to truly transform through the use of modern working practices, where people, processes and technologies are aligned in complete harmony.



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February 10, 2021