Content Writing vs. Copywriting – what’s the difference?

I’m asked this frequently. Content writing and copywriting are not the same. There is a considerable overlap, yes, but there are some key differences between the two.

First, let’s talk about copywriting. Copy refers to any kind of text that’s been designed for marketing purposes in order to sell products or services, or inspire the reader to take specific action or engage with a company in some way. It’s all about conversion. 

The words you see (perhaps on landing pages, product pages, brochures, adverts etc) that invite a reader to take action or engage with a company in some way – that’s copy. Such calls-to-action might include buy now, sign up here, join the mailing list, read this report, book a trial, leave a review, call us now… you get the gist. 

Copywriting is therefore somewhat salesy, as it’s all about persuasion. But copy is more than just a bunch of words strung together – strong copy tells a compelling story that evokes emotions and feelings and triggers a reader to make a decision to act. Well written copy uses a certain language and a combination of carefully chosen words and phrases that compels readers to take a specific action. Remember, it’s all about conversion.

 Now, let’s talk about content. Content is not usually sales focused, and is more concerned with informing, educating, advising or inspiring readers. The content is usually designed to provide value to the reader, which in turn strengthens the relationship between the reader and the brand, building loyalty and trust over time. Readers are then more likely to turn to that company when they have a particular need. When it comes to content, think helpful, educational, informative, inspirational or entertaining content that people are likely to share on social media, blogs, websites, or via email.

To sum up, copywriting is content, but content isn’t automatically copywritingCopywriting is persuasive and results-driven, and is designed to gain sales or other conversions. Content writing is informative, inspirational or entertaining, and is meant to be enjoyed and shared. 

Content is everywhere, so how will you get yours to stand out? 


Anyone can write content, but writing supercharged and effective content that actually makes your marketing work harder for you, is not easy.

Let me help you with that. 

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I provide Content & Copywriting services for IT Recruitment | Tech | Digital businesses who need engaging, targeted, impactful content or compelling, persuasive, results driven copy. What do I write? Website copy, articles, blog posts, personal and professional bios, case studies, company values and mission statements, email and e-newsletter copy, advertising material, and more.

I also proofread existing content – checking style, punctuation and grammar, for readability and accuracy.