Boy, this is a snooze fest! 

Translating ‘Geek’ to ‘Real People’ talk, so your audience stays awake.


I spent 15 years in IT Recruitment, and whilst I was fortunate to have great relationships with clients and industry professionals, some of the briefings I had to sit through would just about Put. Me. To. Sleep. I don’t mean that as offensively as it sounds – I’ve met some incredibly talented and interesting people, most of whom I’m still in touch with today – but when it came to describing their latest capability or their innovative new product or idea, let’s just say they may as well have been speaking Swahili.


No seriously, keep talking, I’ll just be right here, pretending to understand whatever it is you’re talking about, while my eyes glaze over and I think about what to cook for tea…

As a Tech Recruiter, it was my job to understand my client’s strategies, the projects they embarked on, the technologies they adopted, and ultimately the technical skills they required from new recruits. It was my job to understand and speak ‘tech’. That’s all very well when you’re an insider and everyone speaks the same language, but what about when you need to speak with Stakeholders, Clients, End Customers? They need to know about your concept, your product, your service, your idea, and how it will ultimately benefit them, but what if they don’t speak tech? How do you get them to buy in before they nod off?

I work with Tech and Digital businesses who may have the most incredible workforce and groundbreaking products or services, but when it comes to speaking to people outside of the industry, their language can be overly complicated or infused with technical jargon and insider acronyms. Use this language and tone with your non-tech-speaking audience and, well, it‘s a potential snooze fest!


Remember, people will buy into you, buy from you or engage with you if you evoke the right emotions. 


Here are some tips for translating GEEK into REAL PEOPLE talk:


Firstly, understand your audience – who are they and what problem do they need solving? Understand what language they speak, then converse with them in a language and tone that they will not only understand, but in a way that will push their buttons and pique their interest. 

Watch out for wordiness – clever writing or clever speak which draws attention to itself rather than the product or service. You’ve heard of the phrase ‘blinding someone with science’? This is what you need to avoid. 

Work on your storytelling and use sensory details to evoke emotions and feelings (think about what problem this will solve or how it will directly benefit your target). Don’t bore them with facts, trigger their emotions! You’re talking to real people, human beings, not robots.

Cut the fluff – if you’re an industry specialist it’s easy to use too much insider jargon which your audience won’t get, making them switch off. Keep the customer viewpoint and their language in mind. 


I’m great at translating GEEK into REAL PEOPLE talk, so why not let me help?


When it comes to writing copy and content for Tech and Digital businesses, I make even the most dull topics sound attractive (or at least more interesting to read about) keeping readers engaged and piquing their interest. I make complex subject matter easier to understand by cutting through the fluff and getting to the core of the message, ensuring your message is conveyed correctly. 


I can handle your content while you focus on doing what you’re best at!

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