Publication date: December 17, 2019
ISBN: 9781916316201
Price: £6.99

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Reach for the stars, Dear Girl


‘Reach for the stars, Dear Girl’ is a lovingly written and beautifully illustrated book, encouraging girls to get to know themselves, to recognise what makes them happy, to find their own voice and stand up for what they believe in, and ultimately to be true to themselves. Written in rhyme, its words are sure to inspire girls of all ages to not only love and accept themselves just as they are, but to rejoice in their uniqueness!


Beautiful, inspirational and motivational book with a beautiful message for girls. customer review

This is a beautifully written & illustrated book that both my daughter of 11 & myself have enjoyed. It really makes you stop & think about how people treat you & how you treat others. This should be in the school curriculum for sure. What a heart warming, gorgeous read customer review

Such an inspirational book, not just for the young but for any age! I think every girl/woman could take something from this book. It’s a book you can just dip into when you are feeling down and need reassurance. Every girl needs this book in their life. I also love the diversity in the illustrations. It’s just beautiful! customer review

I bought this book for my daughter. It’s absolutely beautifully written and there’s not a woman in the world that won’t benefit from reading it customer review

What a marvellous book this is! I bought it for my granddaughter who is learning to read and find her way in life, and this book encourages us just to be who we are and love ourselves, it is really inspirational. I found myself moved to tears, this book has reminded me of what is important, everyone should read it. customer review

Such a gorgeous book which I bought for my daughters birthday. Beautifully written and know it’s going to be one of those books she has a long time and we read over & over again - such an important message throughout. customer review

Absolutely stunning book, with messages to inspire children and older girls alike.
Highly recommend this to anyone who needs a reminder to believe in theirselves, and believe that they can achieve anything, customer review

A must for all little girls! A beautifully written and illustrated book. With the world as it is today thanks to social media this is a shining star that EVERY girl should read. Every school should have a copy and it be read to the children (and not just girls but boys also). A heartwarming message to empower young minds… Well done Fran a truly wonderful book. customer review

This book really inspired me to never give up on your dreams and to be who you want to be. Beautifully written and illustrated. customer review

Beautiful book and message - spot on! We loved this book! I read it to my daughter and we had a proper moment together, the kind of moment you look back on when they're older and cherish. I can't recommend this book enough for your daughter, your friends daughters even your nan would love it - the message works for everyone. customer review