Fran Grant

Grab this book, come, don't be shy, they’ll make you laugh (or make you cry)!

Publication date: June 27, 2019
ISBN: 9781090286635
Price: £6.99

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Gruesome Tales For Gruesome Boys


A collection of hilariously funny rhyming tales for the gruesome grebs in your life.

Hello my friend now are you ready, to hear the tale of Earwax Eddie? And Gemph Boy, what a smelly lad, who learned that farting’s not so bad! There’s Harry Slater, meek and mild, but underneath a wilful child. Oh hold your nose, it’s Foot Cheese Fred! Don’t get too close – you’ll end up dead! Watch out! A new kid in the class, Big Bully Burt is bold as brass! Behold the splendid Pizza Pete – there’s not one topping he won’t eat (or is there?) Meat Eater Marvin – what a wild, and positively feral child! Read about the little mister, who tried to sell his baby sister! Dirty Dexter, worst of all, will make your lovely clean skin crawl! So grab this book, come, don’t be shy, they’ll make you laugh (or make you cry)!


My son aged 11 loved this book, he really doesn't enjoy reading, so for him to read this all the way through was fantastic. Maybe the fact its a bit "gruesome" kept him interested. The illustrations were fantastic and really added to the story. I highly recommend this book for anyone wondering what to get the young boy in their lives. My 61 year old mum enjoyed it as well, she couldn't stop laughing. customer review

Loved this book - bought for my son after the author came in to his school. Love it ! customer review

Perfect for my 7 year old grandson whose favourite pastime is asking Alexa to play trumps and burps. Enjoyed by his 9 year old sister too. Well done Fran for encouraging boys to read. customer review

Totally amazing book for boys! The tales are funny and good for little boys imagination. Love the short stories. Great for cheeky boys and girls. customer review

What a fabulously gruesome book! Perfect reading for my gruesome 9 year old boy and even my gruesome 7 year old daughter! Awesome characters and illustration. customer review

What a fantastic book, bought this for my grandson who is 7 and he loved it, I've lost count of the times he had read it now, it's so nice to see him read a book and laugh, it's so well written and would highly recommend it customer review

I gave this as a gift to a friends little boy, and he loved it. He adores all things gross! So he was laughing at all of the pictures as well as the story itself. A definite winner, especially for bedtimes! customer review

A completely hilarious book for all gruesome boys and girls!! My two boys (7 and 10) loved this hilarious collection of rhyming stories. They guffawed at all the grossest bits (obviously). I loved that this was a book my eldest wanted to read to and with his youngest brother. Clearly snot and foot-cheese can be a bonding experience! customer review

Can’t rate this book highly enough - my gruesome two loved it especially Dirty Dexter. A must for all gruesome children (both boys and girls), there will certainly be one or two characters they can identify with. Loved the fact that it rhymed, being an avid fan of Julia Donaldson I now always love a rhyming book, not that easy to find, not good ones anyway!! Can’t wait for Fran’s next book - keep up the good work!! Lastly, what fabulous illustrations by Dave Bull - they really brought the characters to life! Maybe this duo are the new Donaldson and Scheffler! customer review