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Blossom Hill Riders – Book 2 – Jessica Takes the Reins

Middle Grade

Things are finally starting to fall into place for Sasha, and life as a twelve year old is shaping up to be pretty good. Until a top of the range Equi-Trek horsebox pulls into the yard and the Blossom Hill Riders’ hear a familiar, grating voice…

“Hi, girls!”

Jessica Oldham flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled a sickly, smug smile. As always, it looked like she’d just stepped out of a beauty salon, with her golden locks hanging in loose curls down her back, and a touch of perfectly applied lip gloss and shimmery blusher. 

Never in a million years did the girls expect to see Jessica Oldham here at the yard. It was bad enough having to put up with her and the other Warrior Princesses at school, but to have her here too? This couldn’t be happening!

“Meet La Luna. Luna for short. Told you I was going to ask Daddy for a horse for my birthday!” 

And Jessica won’t be the only newcomer to shake things up as Jake, a charming Irish boy with a cheeky smile, is about to start his work experience at the yard.

Things are going to get very interesting at Blossom Hill Equestrian Centre.


The second book in this exciting series is due to be published in April 2021

Watch this space!