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Blossom Hill Riders – Book 1 – Sasha’s Dream Horse

Middle Grade

Sasha has met the horse of her dreams… but will she be able to keep him?

Sasha has always longed to have proper, regular riding lessons, and has always dreamed that one day she will get to love and care for a horse of her own. 

Dealing with moving house and starting a new school is tough enough for a nearly-twelve year old, but when Sasha crosses paths with The Warrior Princesses – a group of self-obsessed girls whose exclusive club is based entirely on how they look and how popular they think they are – she wonders if life should really be this difficult?

Things start to look up as Sasha settles into life at Blossom Hill Equestrian Centre, where she gets to ride her dream horse, Prince. But things don’t always go to plan, and as she learns that life is full of twists and turns, her dream of ever having her own horse starts to slip further and further away. 

Will Sasha get to keep the horse of her dreams? Does she have what it takes to prove she’s responsible enough? 

Book 1 in this exciting series is due to be published in June / July 2021

Watch this space!