10 reasons to hire a copywriter 


Who needs a copywriter?

Businesses (whether fledgling or established corporations) who rely on the written word to tell people about their products or services, produce copy. Such copy can include websites, brochures, leaflets, adverts, product descriptions, case studies, blog posts, articles, emails and more. 

Larger companies often have in house marketing teams (or they outsource to agencies) who are dedicated to looking after these needs, and who tend to appreciate the true value of an experienced copywriter. Some smaller businesses, individuals or start-ups may not actually know what a copywriter is, and cannot therefore be expected to appreciate the incredible value that one can add. This can be a huge disadvantage and can even make or break a business. There are some incredible businesses, products and services out there, but their messages are simply not reaching the right people or having the desired effect. Why? It all comes down to effective marketing.

‘But I don’t want to waste money on a copywriter  – I can write it myself.’ 


Anyone can write, right? 

In most cases, business owners are articulate individuals who are more than capable of communicating effectively and stringing a decent sentence together, however, a do it yourself approach is rarely the best solution. Businesses don’t think twice about using an accountant to file their accounts, a solicitor to draft their contracts, a photographer to take their professional shots, an IT support team to look after all things technical…. you see what I’m getting at.  Marketing and Advertising are functions of a business that are equally as important as Finance, HR and IT, and work that rests under their umbrella (such as creating copy and content) should therefore be handled by people who possess the relevant expertise. Sure, anyone can string a bunch of words together, but do those words jump off the page, or does it look like someone’s tried to paint a colourful picture using only a black pencil? Do the words speak to exactly the right people, in exactly the right tone of voice? Is the copy emotive? Does it trigger certain feelings that prompt readers to act in a specific way (i.e. buy your products, use your services or engage with your company in other ways)? Writing well crafted, persuasive copy that actually turns your readers into customers, is not easy.


To sum up, here are 10 reasons to use a pro copywriter 


1. Brand language and tone of voice 

Your brand language and tone of voice is what represents your company’s personality and values. It’s how you connect with your audience, and how in turn they perceive the message you’re giving them. As a business you need to be easily identifiable amongst the cacophony of sounds out there! Your brand language and tone is crucial in terms of attracting and retaining the right people. You know who your customers are, of course, but do you know how they speak? Do you know how they like to be spoken to, and what kind of language will push their buttons? Effective copy should feel like a direct conversation between the company and the reader – this is how trust is gained, relationships are built, and how your brand is ultimately strengthened. If you have an established brand voice, a good copywriter will represent it loyally, so anyone reading your copy will know it’s come from you. Maybe you have a sort-of brand voice but it needs tweaking, or maybe you haven’t got one at all – a copywriter can help you nail this too. 


2. Investing in quality copy is an investment in your business

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you wouldn’t draft your own legal contracts or file your own tax returns (unless you’re legally trained or really know what you’re doing when it comes to accounts). Your copy is equally as important as it represents the look, the feel and the credibility of your business, so don’t try to cut corners or scrimp. Why take the risk when it comes to something as important as your company image? Why spend a huge amount of money on a flash new website, only to devalue it with irrelevant waffle that makes readers switch off, never to return? Or invest in glossy brochures that nonone wants to read because the copy isn’t attractive or engaging? You can have the best business / products / service out there but if you’re not telling the right people about it in the right way, it’s fruitless. Your copy needs to convert.

Words are incredibly powerful, and this can be a good or a bad thing! Poorly crafted words, using the wrong tone, being too salesy, or having poor spelling and grammar can have a detrimental effect on your marketing goals, and your business as a whole. 

So don’t wing it. Invest. Effective copy will pay for itself in the long run.


3. Your copy is as dull as dishwater 

Your website isn’t getting any visitors, and the odd person that does stop by doesn’t hang around for long, or doesn’t convert (click, enquire, buy). Why? You might think the words on your website are amazing because they’re all about you, but I’m sorry to say, people aren’t interested in you – they’re interested in themselves, so you’ve got to make it about them. A good copywriter will cut the extraneous fluff and get to the meat of the message, making your readers think, yes you’ve got it – it’s all about them! Good copy will keep a reader on the page, will push those buttons we talked about earlier, and will prompt them to take specific action. 

Same goes for blog posts, articles or e-newsletters that aren’t getting much love. An experienced copywriter can make even the most dull topics sound exciting (or at least current, fresh, and attractive in some way) and turn a snooze fest into an impressive read. The likes, comments and shares will be rolling in in no time. 


4. You’re too close to your business

You’re immersed in your business – you live it, breathe it, you even dream about it. Ok, maybe not, but chances are you’re still too close to your business to write about it objectively. Of course you think your business/product/service is amazing, but people don’t want to hear you harp on about that. They want to know how it will actually benefit them, tangibly or otherwise. It may be that your product or service is a complicated one, and whilst you’re the expert who speaks the insider jargon fluently, your reader isn’t, and is likely to switch off (and not convert) if you don’t talk in their language. An awesome copywriter will write in a clear, simple way that readers can understand, whilst still triggering those all important emotions (I need this!) and hitting that sweet spot (Ok, I’m buying it!


5. Grammar and spelling

There’s nothing worse than getting an email from a business or reading their website / brochure / article and spotting spelling mistakes or grammatical errors – especially when the company prides itself on ‘quality and accuracy’ or claims to be ‘perfectionists’. It gives such a bad impression! You can have the best product or service around, but if you’re sloppy when it comes to spelling and grammar, you’ll look lazy and amateurish, and few people will have faith in the quality of your offerings.


6. You need your copy to actually WORK

Anyone can write content, but writing supercharged, effective copy that gets real results, is not easy. There’s no point flinging content out there that’s just going to get lost in the sea of rubbish that lives on the web (and in print) already – where’s the sense in that? Your copy needs to be encouraging conversation, generating traffic, driving enquiries, or bringing in sales! Remember, effective copy is all about conversion. 


7. You need your copy to stand out from the crowd (or at least be seen by the right audience)

Most businesses have stiff competition (unless you’re Amazon) and the online world is chaotic. Content is everywhere – the web is saturated with information, and new social media platforms are popping up left, right and TikTok. Content is everywhere, and not all of it is good! So how do you get your content to stand out? Your content needs to be inspiring, educational, entertaining, or informative, and your copy needs to be enticing, engaging, compelling and persuasive. Any copywriter worth their salt will ensure your copy ticks all of these boxes. And if you’re not a fan of social media, a copywriter can help you to choose one or two key platforms to target your relevant audience, and can help you get more social by providing regular, fresh, content that will be heard by the right people.


8. Time is money – don’t waste it

Your time is valuable, and it’s ok to admit that writing copy is not the best use of yours. It can be overwhelming on the best of days when you’re starting a new business or running an established company, and you need to be picky and prioritise how you spend your time. Whether you need to write a sales letter, a white paper, copy for a new advertising brochure or website, or post across multiple social media channels that all require different language – a copywriter can handle all of this for you, so you can focus on what you do best. You’re good, but you can’t do it all! 


9. Available to help you with one off, sporadic, or regular needs

A quality copywriter is skilful at getting to know a company, their industry, and their current language/tone of voice (or helping them to find one). Copywriters are often fast workers who can quickly switch up tone of voice and writing style to suit a variety of companies, whether they’re working with a self employed plumber, a medium sized tech company or a global brand. Most copywriters will cover a variety of needs, from a single email, a sales letter, product bios, e-newsletters, articles, white papers, web copy and more. A tip-top copywriter is fast, flexible, and adaptable.


10. You’re an expert at what YOU do, but psst, guess what? You’re not a copywriter!

You’re a specialist in your field, but a copywriter is a specialist in writing. Copy is more than just a bunch of words strung together – strong copy tells a compelling story that evokes emotions and feelings and triggers a reader to make a decision to act. Well written copy uses a certain language and a combination of carefully chosen words and phrases that makes a reader feel like you’re talking directly to them, and compels them to take a specific action. Copywriters know the formulas and tactics that actually work. 

Copy is everywhere, so how will you get yours noticed?


Anyone can write words, but writing supercharged and effective copy that actually makes your marketing work harder for you, is not easy.


Let me help you with that. 


Shall we talk?