Fancy colouring in some of the characters from my book? Well it’s Colouring Competition time!

Get your Gruesome on - it's Colouring Competition time!


Join in the celebrations of the launch of my new children's book GRUESOME TALES FOR GRUESOME BOYS

How to enter:

  1. Email me at to request black & white copies of the gruesome boys for you to print out and colour (or message me on Facebook or Instagram - see below for social media links).
  2. Get your pens, pencils, chalk, crayons or paints out and get your gruesome on! Email finished pics to or post them on social media (don't forget to tag me!) I'd love to see pics of 'kids colouring in action' too, so feel free to snap away and share with me!


  1. Each picture will count as one entry, and you may enter as many pictures as you like.
  2. By sending your pictures, you are agreeing to me sharing them on my website / social media.
  3. You must be willing to provide a postal address for me to post the prize to if you're the lucky winner.


The prize:

A GRUESOME GOODY BAG stuffed with gruesome surprises - think jelly worms, chocolate spiders, slime, fart putty, eyeballs, and other gory treats!

Closing date:

The competition closes Sunday 1st September at midnight. Feel free to send your completed pics as soon as you've done them -  they'll be kept safe!

The characters:


Meet Big Bully Burt - the new kid in school who terrorises all the children! He chases the girls and pulls their pigtails; he ties the boys shoelaces together and pushes them over in the mud; he makes his classmates hand over their dinner money and treats - and if anyone tells the teacher he flushes their heads down the loo! Who will be brave enough to  stand up to Big Bully Burt and put him in his place once and for all?




Oh it's Dirty Dexter - this rotten lad simply refuses to have a bath and boy does he smell! With his dirt encrusted skin, mucky fingernails, stinky feet and waxy ears - it's enough to make your lovely clean skin crawl! Who will end this bath time feud? Granny Brine? OH NO! NOT GRANNY BRINE PLEEEEEEEEASE!




Meet Earwax Eddie, the boy whose ears are full of dirt, grime, hairy mushrooms, scabs and wax - handy for morning snacks! But what happens when Eddie rummages a bit too far in his lug and starts tugging on something strange?




Behold the splendid Pizza Pete - there's not one topping he wont eat (or is there?)



Meat Eater Marvin - this boy is positively feral! He will eat ANYTHING that moves, from beef and lamb and turkey, rabbit, duck and pheasant, to offal, ribs, and rind! But will it all end badly for Meat Eater Marvin? What happens when the tables turn and he goes from 'eater' to EATEN!



Foot Cheese Fred has the stinkiest feet ever - he wears the same old stinky socks for days and days on end, covering up the gooey foot cheese between his dirty toes. Find out what happens when his family unknowingly eat Fred's FOOT CHEESE on their spaghetti and meatballs! YUK!


If you're not put off by the gruesomeness of these boys, feel free to check out the book on AMAZON



Gruesome Tales for Gruesome Boys is a collection of 9 hilariously funny rhyming tales that will encourage even the most reluctant readers to pick up a book! Suitable for ages 5 - 10 (although my 4 year old loves them) and it may appeal to girls too!



Fran Grant is a writer and children's author. She is also the wife of a very patient husband and the mother of 3 energetic little boys. As a self-confessed bookworm and book hoarder, she is a huge believer in keeping the magic of reading alive for children. After many years in the corporate world, Fran is now fulfilling her lifelong ambition of writing books.

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