What is BossingIt?

What is BossingIt! all about?

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Life can be crazy. As busy women and mums, we’re often juggling so many things - kids, work, home life, relationships…

We’re trying to do everything, and to be everything to everybody. We’re desperately trying to keep all the plates spinning, and it’s bloody hard sometimes! Life can become transactional and can seem more like an endurance test rather than a pleasure, ranging from stressful and chaotic to unsatisfying and down right fucking boring. Parenting can, quite frankly, be an arduous and thankless task, causing you to look in the mirror sometimes and think “Who the fuck am I? What happened to me? Where did I go?”


We give our blood, sweat and tears to our kids. We look after our husbands, our family, our friends, the mums in the playground. We invest in our homes, tend to our gardens, nurture our businesses or side hustles, service our cars… we bake cakes for the school fair, fill the rotary boxes at Christmas, give to the local food bank and feed the neighbours bloody sodding cat.


But what about you? Where are you on that list? (I’m guessing the bottom!) What happened to your hobbies? When was the last time you did something for you, or put yourself first?


BossingIt! aims to inspire busy women to take control of their lives and bump themselves further up the priority list - to remember who they are at their core; to start doing more of the things they truly love; and ultimately (and this is the good bit) to stop doing shit they hate! And no this is not selfish - it’s called “This is my life and I deserve to be happy too.”


Sometimes bossing it, sometimes totally fucking winging it!


Life’s not perfect - parenting is tough; marriage and relationships can be difficult; work can suck - and I’m not suggesting we sack off our responsibilities and go and join a commune in Ibiza (although I’ve been tempted), but implementing small changes can tip the balance a bit (in the right direction) and make life not just bearable, but actually enjoyable! Imagine that?


So via the blog, I aim to demonstrate that life is there for the taking and that YOU are in control of it. I want to encourage you to recognise and unleash your power so you can grab life by the balls and carve out the life you wholeheartedly want to live; so you can feel joy and gratitude each and every day; so you can strive to fulfill your dreams and do the things you’ve always wanted to do; so you can ultimately be the very best version of yourself.


I want to share the belief that if you’re not 100% happy with any aspect of your life, be it work, relationships, parenting, health & fitness, or life in general, it’s never too late to shake things up a bit, improve things, or even start anew completely.


Every day is a new opportunity to start over, to be who you want to be, and YOU get to write and rewrite your story!


Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!



For me now, I’m totally BossingIt! if I’m

  • Being the best mum I can be and raising three super happy boys (I’m not perfect and I can lose my shit with the best of them - seriously, I can make The Wicked Witch of the West look like a pussy cat -  but I’m trying my best).
  • Enjoying a happy, loving marriage (again not perfect, and I know now that it’s totally normal to want to stab someone with a fork for eating too loudly).
  • Pursuing a career that fulfils my soul and allows me to work from anywhere in the world (yep, writing! I’m working on other stuff as well as the blog!)
  • Prioritising self care (self care is not selfish, it’s a necessity, and enables me to be less psychotic and much less stabby).
  • Looking after my health and fitness (clean food, exercise, rest).
  • Making time for hobbies and all the things I enjoy in life (gym, writing, reading, spending time alone - don’t you just get sick of people?).
  • Giving back to the world (giving to the local food bank and doing the odd charity event).

I realise that not ALL of these areas will be hunky dory ALL of the time, but if I’m giving a bit of attention to them all and doing my best to maintain some sort of balance, then I’m on the right track, and that’s good enough for me.


So here’s to keeping it real (and accepting that life is not always perfect), and taking control and ensuring we’re doing everything we can to live a life with no regrets.


Much love, Fran xxx


PS I may look like I have my shit together, but seriously, I don’t always - I’m only human! It took me 38 years to realise that life shouldn’t be difficult and unenjoyable. I woke up one day to the realisation that I’d been unhappy in all areas of my life (work, marriage, parenting) for a long time, and I’d long forgotten who I was. I was stuck in a rut, each day was a gruelling endurance test that I just had to get through, and I didn’t do anything for ‘me’ in terms of hobbies, or things I enjoyed. I was at the bottom of the list. I had a career / business I no longer loved (in fact it was causing me a huge amount of stress and misery), I was overwhelmed juggling work and bringing up 3 young boys (and ultimately I wasn’t being the parent I wanted to be), and my marriage broke down resulting in a (thankfully temporary) separation. I knew then that I had a blank canvass - a chance to start over and rebuild my life exactly how I wanted it.


You can read the full story here: http://frangrant.com/2018/04/16/bloglaunch/


So I've been there - I've been a full time stay at home mum, a part time working mum, and a full time working mum. I've been in some of the miserable, dark places, and I've eventually found ways to put myself first for a change and start enjoying life again, and I want to share them with you! In the end, a happier YOU makes for happier kids and a happier family life. Woop!




Wife to a very lucky husband. Mum to 3 beautiful little boys. Gym, yoga and self care enthusiast. Lover of food, coffee, wine and gin. Self confessed bookworm and book hoarder. Advocate for keeping the magic of reading alive for today’s children. And last but not least - Writer (currently trying my hand at kids fiction and rhyming stories). Thanks for visiting my site - expect to see posts mainly related to reading and writing, with occasional musings about family, parenting and life in general. Oh, and plenty of book reviews! Hope you enjoy! Much love, Fran x


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