Why health is the new wealth

Health is the new wealth!


Physical health. Emotional health. Mental health. Spiritual health.

What do these things mean to you? How much thought and consideration do you give to each of them?


We direct a huge amount of attention to so many areas of our lives, from smashing work goals, setting up businesses, decorating houses, planning holidays, nurturing retirement funds, purchasing cars, rejigging our wardrobes, bringing up families, to looking after the social lives of ourselves and our kids... it’s no surprise that after all of that (and probably more), we can end up paying little or no attention to our health.





Health is more than just hitting the gym and eating healthily. Overall health encompasses physical health (the physical functioning of our bodies - internal and external), emotional health (thoughts and feelings), mental health (psychological - thoughts and behaviours), and for some, spiritual health (although this is more difficult to define, it may include faith, values, core beliefs, morals and principles).


We can all too often take our health for granted, and just expect it to be on point - diligently functioning, forever on duty, interminable, unfailing - no matter how we abuse it.


We run ourselves ragged juggling work and home lives, adhering to our crazy busy schedules, stretching ourselves too thin, yet we expect our mind and body to just keep going, to push through. We push our mental limits, consume endless information online, spend less and less time out in nature or in silence, yet we expect our minds to work to the best of their abilities with little rest or respite. We eat what we want, we drink what we want, we succumb to excess - and we expect our bodies to digest it all, to process it all, to break it all down and to cope with it all, and continue functioning ‘as new’.


We leave little to no time for rest and relaxation, time out, or self care. We start to feel run down, burnt out, exhausted even, but we force ourselves to keep going, because we’re hardcore, and pushing ourselves to the limit is the mark of success, a badge of honour, right?  We feel down, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, but we just tell ourselves to man up and get our acts together. We’re tired, we drink more coffee. We suppress our core beliefs, values, principles and morals and it leads to unbalance, so we purchase more, eat more, consume more information - anything to make us feel better or fill the void.


Ok, so this isn’t everyone, or at least not to that extent, but you get the gist.


So, good health overall is a healthy body (inside and out), a healthy happy heart (one full of gratitude, love and forgiveness) and a healthy, happy mind (one that is free of negativity and endless chatter).


“You can eat the kale, drink the alkaline water, take the supplements, do the yoga, hit the gym... but if you don’t deal with the shit going on in your heart and your head, you’re still just as unhealthy

Daniel Rengering





When we think of our assets we tend to think of our houses, pension funds, savings, perhaps even expensive jewellery or family heirlooms, but many of us forget to add our health to the list. Houses, cars, jobs, clothes, watches, handbags - they can all be replaced if they’re lost or damaged. Our health (for the most part) can’t. Often we don’t realise how valuable it is unless we lose it - for example when we become ill, have a health scare or even lose someone we know or love.


Good health is undoubtedly one of our most precious possessions - a healthy mind, a healthy body and a happy heart. If we’ve got all these we’re already truly wealthy. Being at peace, living your life doing the things you love, spending time with those you love, laughing, feeling joy and gratitude - these things are of much greater worth than ‘gadgets’ or ‘money’ or ‘titles’. Personally, each day I‘m given where myself, my husband and our three boys are alive and healthy, I feel like the wealthiest person in the world. I could have all the money and the riches the universe could offer, but if I lost any of those my life wouldn't be worth living.

If you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything. Anything else you desire, can be acquired, but if you haven’t got your health to start with, you’re pretty screwed.




Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Love yourself and respect yourself enough to want to be the healthiest version of yourself. Eat well. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Cut back on harmful foods, drinks, and harmful habits. Get lots of rest. Take time out. Get unplugged. Prioritise self care (it’s a necessity not a luxury!) whether that’s joining a yoga class, going on a spa day, having a bubble bath and an early night, reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music… whatever relaxes you, recharges you, and replenishes you - just do more of what makes you feel amazing! Healthy doesn’t mean boring either - far from it!


Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best things you can do, not just for yourself, but for your family too. It’s time to respect your health - every part of it!


Here’s to Boss Health!


Much love, Fran xxx


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