25 ways to start Bossing Life now!

25 ways to start Bossing Life now!


Life can be hectic - us women are all too often juggling family, work, home life... it can be totally overwhelming! Here's 25 simple ways to take back control and start living the life you truly want and truly deserve.


  1. Create a vision board. Get absolutely clear on what your dream life looks like - include everything you want to be, do, have in life. Don’t be vague - include as much detail as possible. (see link at bottom of page for tips on how to create a vision board)


  1. Bump yourself further up your priority list.


  1. Think positively.


  1. Believe in yourself.


  1. Love yourself - flaws and all.


  1. Spend some time alone.


  1. Make time for hobbies and the things you love.


  1. Be kind to yourself.


  1. Believe that you deserve to be happy and live an amazing life.


  1. Forgive yourself past mistakes - you’re only human.


  1. Eat well and cut out harmful foods.


  1. Drink plenty of water.


  1. Recognise when you need to slow down and rest.


  1. Get plenty of sleep.


  1. Exercise.


  1. Value your health.


  1. Respect your body.


  1. Pay compliments to people.


  1. Tune in to your own feelings and recognise when you’re not ok.


  1. Give willingly.


  1. Accept graciously.


  1. Step away from drama and negativity.


  1. Do something every day that makes you happy.


  1. Review your vision board daily and turn vision into action.


  1. Believe in your ability to create the life you deserve.



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Much love, Fran xxx



Wife to a very lucky husband. Mum to 3 beautiful little boys. Gym, yoga and self care enthusiast. Lover of food, coffee, wine and gin. Self confessed bookworm and book hoarder. Advocate for keeping the magic of reading alive for today’s children. And last but not least - Writer (currently trying my hand at kids fiction and rhyming stories). Thanks for visiting my site - expect to see posts mainly related to reading and writing, with occasional musings about family, parenting and life in general. Oh, and plenty of book reviews! Hope you enjoy! Much love, Fran x

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