Career Goals Checklist – are you ahead of the game?

Career Goals Checklist


In a competitive job market, training, self development, and staying one step ahead of the competition has never been more important.

It’s imperative when it comes to enhancing productivity and improving business performance in the short term, and enhancing your career prospects and ultimately getting to where you want to be in the medium to long term. It also appears to be increasingly important for women who are having to jump through more hoops to prove their worth upon returning to work after having a family, or compete for job shares.


Here’s some useful tips if you feel you’re beginning to stagnate, or if you just want to step up your game.


  • Update / polish your LinkedIn Profile (or other networking sites you may use) and CV/Bio
  • Research any courses that will help progress your career, or certifications that will bring you up to speed with the latest knowledge in your field (accredited certifications are very attractive to some organisations/employers/clients and can add weight to your credibility). Does your employer contribute towards or fully fund such courses?
  • Network - reach out to ex colleagues, connect with relevant industry groups etc
  • Learn a new industry skill / update current skills
  • Keep up to date with industry trends / emerging technologies
  • Stay informed as to who’s hiring your skills as well as up to date salary info / skill shortages
  • Read! Knowledge is power!
  • Stay abreast of relevant industry legislation
  • Work hard and stay focused
  • Maintain a positive / can do attitude




And one final note, make sure you enjoy what you do...


Much love, Fran xxx


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