Launch of the blog!

Launch of the blog!

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When a woman realises how much potential she’s got, she’s ready to go out and do anything!

Hello, I’m Fran. 38 years old. Wife. Mum to 3 gorgeous little boys. Previous career woman slash business owner. Gym addict. Bookworm. Vegetarian. This is the dawn of an exhilarating new chapter for me, having taken drastic measures over the last year to wipe the slate of my existence clean, and ultimately carve out the life I wholeheartedly want to live.


So I think I’m pretty much Bossing it! (but I’m candid enough to admit that I’m also winging it some days too!)



Birth of the blog

My aim is to empower and inspire women to be strong and independent, and to demonstrate first hand that life is there for the taking and that YOU are in control of it. I want to encourage you to realise your potential, so you can grab life by the balls and create the life you truly want, so you can feel joy and gratitude each and every day, and ultimately be the very best version of yourself. I want to share the belief that if you’re not 100% happy with any aspect of your life, be it work, relationships, parenting, health & fitness, or life in general, it’s never too late to change things or even start anew completely. You may have to make some pretty drastic changes, but if you’ve got the balls, it can be done.



Every day is a new opportunity to start over, to be who you want to be, and YOU get to write and rewrite your story! You CAN create the life you truly want and truly deserve.



My background

After graduating with a Business Degree in 2003, I began my working life in a large corporate IT Recruitment agency in Leeds. Long work hours and sheer doggedness paid off as I worked my way up from Trainee to Principal Consultant where I led a thriving team (whilst partying hard and spending well earned commission). Top of my game there, I left in 2008 to set up my first recruitment business, which I sold 2 years later when I met the man I was to marry and start a family with immediately.



From the sale of my business I was fortunate enough to take a good chunk of time off from my career to procreate (welcome James and William), experience the highs and lows of feeding round the clock - fuck me, my nipples, a whole separate blog post in itself (feeding, not my nipples, although I can write about those too if you wish)... wipe up sick, frequent daily baby and toddler groups, puree food (only to wipe it off the floor and ceiling), and generally revel in my smugness of being a picture-perfect mum.  



Later, sick to death of Peppa sodding Pig, nearing insanity with endless butt wiping, and fed up of ‘reaching the bottom of the laundry basket’ ranking as my biggest achievement, I set up my second recruitment business, this time working from home. I took a break again a couple of years later to have my third boy (welcome Edward), before returning to my business once again. It never stopped!  


And I’ve been continually wiping piss off the toilet seat ever since #MumOfBoys





Decision time

2016 and I found myself wholly and utterly exhausted, and not knowing who the hell I was. The realisation that I’d been unhappy for a very long time smacked me square in the chops. How did I not notice it sneaking up on me? I was probably too busy being Wife, Mum, and Career Badass to notice, or maybe I was just too flippin’ tired and didn’t know what day it was from one to the next. Pre husband and kids, I put maximum effort into my career and was supremely satisfied knowing I was top of my game. Likewise in my early days as a stay at home mum, I gave my utmost, confident and proud that I was crushing it.


Now here I was, juggling both work and motherhood, feeling like I was doing a shit job at both as I couldn’t physically give 100% to each. I felt depleted, confused, and worst of all trapped.



New beginnings

2018. Having reached a place I couldn’t see a way out of, a situation I simply couldn’t find a solution to despite years of trying, I made the eventual decision to walk away from an 8 year marriage, ultimately to save it. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees and I needed space. The decisions I made were the most difficult I’ve ever had to make, and to change my life so drastically heralded a multitude of feelings from despair, fear, heartache, doubt, guilt... through to strength, freedom, excitement, exhilaration, back to shitting myself again, more doubt, more fear, a bit more guilt, full on grief, and then eventually back on the road to joy again. I’ve walked through the fire (and holy fuck it burned) but I’ve emerged a new person, and now I’m rewriting my story (that’s so cheesy, but it’s true).

It’s been the hardest, scariest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life. It’s demanded I call upon my strongest and bravest self, and really look inward at who I am at my core. Like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (or just makes you drink more Gin, I forget). I’m genuinely overjoyed to say that my family are back together as a unit again, with myself and my husband possessing a renewed appreciation for each other, a completely new attitude towards life, love, family, work, and a crystal clear vision of what really matters in life.


I tore down the walls of my marriage with my bare hands, and now I’m piecing it back together again, brick by brick, exactly how I want it.





Career break-up

During the separation I questioned my whole life, including my career that spanned 15 years. Did I actually love it? No, I hadn’t done for years. Did it make my soul sing? Nope. Did I jump out of bed on a morning, excited about the day ahead? Double Nope.


Did I long to jump out of bed on a morning, exhilarated by something I was so passionate about? HELL YES!



Having this space, I really got to know myself, what I wanted, and what my dream life looked life. So I decided to put my business on hold, focus on my family, and start up this blog. It’s my chance to start over and grab life (as previously mentioned) by the big hairy knackers. A fresh start. A blank canvass. The world is my oyster (except I’m vegetarian and just the thought of oysters makes me gag). And if everything goes Pete Tong, at least I’ve had the guts to try… (and I’ll get back to my ‘proper job’ sharpish).





So what does Bossing it! actually mean?

Bossing it! will undoubtedly mean different things to different people, just like success or wealth. If you’d asked me a few short years ago what it meant to me, I’d have said bossing it was earning 6 figures whilst working my business around my family, big house, nice car, plush holidays… a kick ass image indeed, some may think!

A lot has changed, and my ambitions are much more humble than they once were. So now Bossing it! means something totally different to me.


I believe if you’re genuinely and consistently happy with every aspect of your life, you’re Bossing it! If you’re earning enough money to live the exact life you want to live, waking up happy and excited each morning and going to bed satisfied and thankful every evening, you’re Bossing it!





So what can you expect to see in the blog?

I’ll be fulfilling my passion by writing articles based around Lifestyle, Parenting, Health, Fitness and Career. Balancing serious subjects and sensible reads with light hearted and (hopefully) funny reads. Expect a raw, honest, open and uncensored account of how I’m on the road to Bossing it!


Because quite frankly this is my bloody year to sparkle - and it’s yours too!





Here’s to changing your life! If you’re not 100% happy with your life today, it’s never a waste of time to try something new - who knows where it could lead!  


Much love, Fran xxx



Wife to a very lucky husband. Mum to 3 beautiful little boys. Gym, yoga and self care enthusiast. Lover of food, coffee, wine and gin. Self confessed bookworm and book hoarder. Advocate for keeping the magic of reading alive for today’s children. And last but not least - Writer (currently trying my hand at kids fiction and rhyming stories). Thanks for visiting my site - expect to see posts mainly related to reading and writing, with occasional musings about family, parenting and life in general. Oh, and plenty of book reviews! Hope you enjoy! Much love, Fran x